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AutoPOL For offline programming

3D offline bending simulation software

Reliable process control

For complete and reliable process control of the bending process, SafanDarley offers AutoPOL 3D offline bending simulation software. With this bending simulation software, the 3D sheet metal parts to be processed can be unfolded, after which the bending sequence can be determined and simulated fully automatically. This external (offline) programming of bending programs minimises downtime and downtime on the press brake.

In addition to user-friendliness, the software offers a multitude of technical possibilities and advanced programming solutions. The AutoPOL bending  simulation software is universally usable in combination with many press brakes and press brake controls.

Saving programming time on the press brake

Ease of use for work planner and operator

Correct sheet positioning and backgauge calculation

First time right, no wrong products

Clear (graphic) instructions for the operator

Complete bending program programmed offline

Product manufacturability checked in advance

Simulation/drawing on many press brakes and controls visible

Smart Bending

The design program includes an ingenious simulation and control module for using the press brake that can be remote-controlled, from the office for example. This limits the time during which the machine is at a standstill, thus maximising productivity.

The bending simulation software consists of 3 simple steps. Fast and flawless work is the SafanDarley standard. Offline programming offers you plenty of ways to do 3D Design and to import and correctly produce 3D drawings. If the employee using the program is also the one controlling the press brake, an NC code for the system may be generated instantly. The program will then select the necessary tools and optimise the machine. A work planner can even switch to a different press brake at the last moment, re-generate the NC code and run a collision check.

To conclude

The bending software allows you to streamline your manufacturing processes, even when used in conjunction with other CAD and CAM systems.

Importing and unfolding

The software will automatically determine the correct results, optimum bending sequence, stop positions and optimum tool set-up with as few manipulations as possible based on an imported 3D model. You also have the option of adjusting the bending sequence and stop positions manually.

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Bending simulation

A complete 3D bending simulation allows you to check the entire bending process. A CNC program containing all of the off-set data will then be generated. This powerful software ensures product-accuracy from the get-go.

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Retrieving the data package from the network using the controls and get going using the press brake. The NC program and the bending simulation will appear on the bottom screen, and other data such as technical drawings, video, notes, etc. will appear on the top screen (this is optional).

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Offline angle measurement programming

With AutoPOL it is possible to program the E-Bend L angle measuring system offline. The angle measuring system is easy to program by selecting the desired measuring method, after which the sensors will be placed in the correct position. If the desired position is not available, AutoPOL prompts you to take action. Erroneous measurements are prevented at an early stage and programming the angle measurement function offline saves programming time on the machine.

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Batch & Remote

The Batch & Remote functionality enables automatic processing of multiple sheet metal parts or sheet metal assemblies. All necessary operations during the simulation are performed without the need for user input. Any problems, for example parts that cannot be bent, are reported by the system for operator intervention. The Remote portion is designed so that remote software systems can instruct the AutoPOL software to edit parts automatically. This makes it possible for existing planning and production systems to communicate with the AutoPOL software and use it for the integration of press brakes.

Your benefits

Automatic programming of multiple sheet parts

Programming sheet metal parts without supervision

Greatly reduced programming costs

Reports the global results, but also those for the individual steps in the process

Easy manual control (and possible manual intervention) when problems are reported

Allows external software systems to control parts of the process

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