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Robo Mate

Unmatched flexibility and efficiency

Meet the future of automated bending with the revolutionary SafanDarley Robo Mate. An independent gantry that can be placed in front of any SafanDarley Press brake and allows you to switch to automated production at any time. This innovation gives the ability to set up and use a larger, more powerful press brake in the same way an R-Brake would be used, with the benefit of being able to switch back to manual whenever needed.

With only 2 or 3 rail support positions, the Robo Mate offers unprecedented space savings, allowing you to make full use of your entire working space for other cell parts or even stacking products. This results in unrivalled flexibility and efficiency, while keeping your floor space to a minimum.

Key Features

Standard equipment


Electronic cabinet

Console with ASC-Control software

Connection and integration

Quick and easy switching to manual bending

Options and Product Enhancements

Assessories & Enhancements

Automatic tool and gripper change
Additional tool or gripper storage
Pre-positioning system
Pallet conveying system


Automated Solutions Cell-Control is SafanDarley’s software platform for the automated cell. ASC-Control is a very user-friendly and flexible management platform that was born out of the need to allow even employees with little experience to operate automated machines. Fully developed and supported by our in-house software team. The modular structure of the software makes it easy to implement customer-specific requirements and adapt the layout of the cell.

The ASC-Control constantly communicates with the robot and press brake to monitor the status of the entire cell. It tracks every item in the cell and knows exactly where it is located.

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