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SafanDarley R-Brake: 
the flexible bending cell

The R-Brake is a revolutionary bending concept! It combines one of our most popular E-Brakes, the 130T (143 US Tons) with a cantilevered robot design that keeps the floor in front of the machines clear.

The robot on the R-Brake automatically changes the tooling and grippers as needed to keep the production flowing. The cell can be equipped with conveyors and pallet dispensers to keep production moving without interruption. The ASC controller provides full control for any third party integrations within the cell as well. The flexibility to quickly move the robot to the side and run the press brake manually for test parts is unique in the market! R-Brake 130T can be installed at customer site and running production parts in 7 days or less.

Full electric drive

More than 30% higher productivity

Up to 50% energy saving

Noiseless operation

Full working length backgauge

User friendly touch screen control

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Key Features

Technical Data

Model 130-3100
Pressure force in US Ton143
Bending length in inches12.0
Maximum stroke in inches11.8
Q-size in inches29.5
Closing speed in inch/min259.8
Bending speed max. in inch/min47.2
Return speed in inch/min259.8
Machine weight in lb41.0

Standard equipment

SafanDarley E-Control EC10

CNC-controlled R-axis

CNC-controlled Y1+Y2 axis (top beam adjustable inclined +/- 0.1 inch)

CNC-controlled back gauge (X-axis) with a wide range

CNC-controlled Z1+Z2-axis

M710iC/70 Fanuc robot

Robot gantry with a range of 236.2 Inch

CNC-controlled sheet turning station

Controlled by SafanDarley ASC-control

Options and Product Enhancements

Assessories & Enhancements

Gantry extendable in length
Double-sheet detection
Sheet thickness measurement
Pre-positioner for sheet infeed
Programmable offline with RoboBend simulation software
Automatic tool changer
Automatic gripper changer
Extra tool storage
Extra gripperstock
Prepared for integration with AGV-systems


Automated Solutions Cell-Control is SafanDarley’s software platform for the automated cell. ASC-Control is a very user-friendly and flexible management platform that was born out of the need to allow even employees with little experience to operate automated machines. Fully developed and supported by our in-house software team. The modular structure of the software makes it easy to implement customer-specific requirements and adapt the layout of the cell.

The ASC-Control constantly communicates with the robot and press brake to monitor the status of the entire cell. It tracks every item in the cell and knows exactly where it is located.

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