Press Brakes

SafanDarley offers the most complete range of electronic press brakes in the world with a pressure force of 35 to 300 tons and working lengths of 1250 to 4100 mm.

Or view our hydraulic press brakes from 125T to 1250T

Thanks to the many improved specifications and newly designed components, the new generation SafanDarley H-iBrake delivers an extremely fast and reliable production performance and the highest quality.

In addition, the new H-iBrake offers pioneering options for an environmentally-friendly production process, which is unique in the heavy-duty hydraulic segment.

The widest range of electric press brakes of the world

The new SafanDarley electric press brake is further optimised to take maximum advantage of the high acceleration and other favourable servo-motor characteristics. For this reason, our E-Brake is not only very fast in the rapid approach stage, but also throughout the entire cycle.

In comparison tests, the SafanDarley E-Brake is shown to be up to 30% faster than a conventional press brake.

How to become a master of efficiency

OEE, or Overall Equipment Effectiveness is a new concept, but already familiar to SafanDarley. We always think along with you to integrate our machines into your manufacturing process as best as possible.

Optimisation of your processes and zero defects: that is the aim for which we deploy our knowledge and innovations for you. With SafanDarley, an improvement of the OEE in your manufacturing process is feasible, without a doubt. 30% increased efficiency and more output...

Servo-electric bending with an E for even bending

Without crowning you obtain the most accurate and constant bending angle along the full working length of the machine. The unique, patented roller drive system in the upper beam ensures a uniform and even distribution of forces. A balanced combination of powerful electro-motors, fixed and movable rollers and specially developed belts facilitate capacities of up to 300T.

Incredibly stable backgauge with CNC driven X and R axes

Newly developed construction means that the innovative backgauge system of the SafanDarley E-Brake is extremely stable. The system is unique, as the backgauge is used across the entire length of the machine.

Moreover, it is very precise through the electronic control system (0.02 mm). The backgauge has a positioning speed of 350 mm/sec. CNC-controlled X- and R-axes come as standard, as well as hinging backgauge pins and a reach of 1000 mm.



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