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Machine fully tailored to current and future needs

SafanDarley designed the H-iBrake hydraulic press brake series with the aim of optimising efficiency, environmental friendliness, ergonomic design and cost-effectiveness. The new intelligent hydraulic drive has been developed entirely in-house, resulting in increased approach and pressing speeds, optimum precision and energy regeneration. As a result, you not only enjoy unbeatable reliability and increased uptime, but also a significant reduction in energy costs. The technology used covers the full range of our press brakes, offering both power and precision across the entire range of tonnages. Whether you are working with light or heavy sheet metal, the H-iBrake delivers optimum performance in every situation.

Hybrid drive system

More than 30% higher productivity

Up to 50% energy saving

Very high tonnage density

Low oil volume (18 ltr)

Noiseless operation

Backgauge over full working length

High dynamic Y-axis control

Key Features

Technical Data

Model 170-3200 240-3200 320-4200 400-5100 480-5100 560-6100
Pressing force in kN170024003200400048005600
Bending length in mm238032304250510051006120
Maximum stroke in mm350350350350350350
Q-size in mm700700700700700700
Closing speed in mm/sec25020015012010085
Bending speed max. in mm/sec10101010108,5
Return speed in mm/sec25020015012010085
Motor power in kW1515152x152x152x15
Machine weight in kg112001700024000305003530048000
Machine length in mm330042505400615062007150
Machine height in mm330033003300345037504200
Noise level in dB< 70< 70< 70< 70< 70< 70

Standard equipment

SafanDarley E-Control EC20 - 2D graphic CNC control

CNC-controlled R-axis

CNC-controlled Y1+Y2 Axis

CNC-controlled back gauge (X-axis)

Z1+Z2-axis manually adjustable

Standard parking space for 2 support arms outside the working area

Standard Stroke 350mm

Standard throat depth 500mm

Standard Q-size 700mm

Light beam safety type AKAS®5 with manual height adjustment

Working area lighting on front and rear

Options and Product Enhancements


SafanDarley EC 20 touch screen CNC press brake controls
SafanDarley EC3D by AutoPOLcomplete 2D and 3D graphic programming
Second screenprogram and produce at the same time
Extra screen mounted on a moveable arm on the left hand side
Extra Hold to Run console

Axis / Backgauge System

CNC-controlled back gauge X-axis
CNC-controlled Delta X-axishorizontal repositioning of one back gauge finger
CNC-controlled Z1-Z2 axishorizontal repositioning back gauge fingers
CNC-controlled Z1+Z2 axis, heavy duty
Full 3D 6-axis back gauge type B6
High Speed backgauge within safety zone (50mm)
Extra manual back gauge fingers Z0 / Z3

Support Arms

Fixed support arms (11.81 inch) standard only for CE countries
Moveable front sheet support arms
Moveable front sheet support arms (INOX) with hand wheel adjustment in height
Moveable front sheet support arms (INOX) with pneumatic hight adjustment

Bending Aids

SafanDarley I-Mate maximum plate weight 30kg
SafanDarley E-Mate 2000maximum plate weight 500 kg

Measurement Systems

SafanDarley E-Bend S Sheet thickness measurement system
(accuracy of ± 0.01 mm)
SafanDarley E-Bend L BlueLaser angle measurement system

Assessories & Enhancements

Various upper and lower tool adaptors
Integrated tool cabinet
Smart tool locator
Smart light indicator
Robot interface
CNC controlled laser line projection
Q-size and stroke enlargement
Other voltages with transformer

Offline 3D-programming

The design program includes an ingenious simulation and control module for using the press brake that can be remote-controlled, from the office for example. This limits the time during which the machine is at a stand still, thus maximising productivity.


Offline programming offers you plenty of ways to do 3D Design and to import and correctly produce 3D drawings. If the employee using the program is also the one controlling the press brake, an NC code for the system may be generated instantly. The program will then select the necessary tools and optimise the machine. A work planner can even switch to a different press brake at the last moment, re-generate the NC code and run a collision check.

SafanDarley offline 3D programming stands for complete and reliable process management. As opposed to several widely used CAD/CAM systems, our system is very user-friendly and requires only a short 2-day training period.

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