Shears & Cutting

SafanDarley offers innovative energy efficient and low-noise hybrid shears in 1.25 to 6 metre lengths.

Hybrid shears in 1.25 to 6 metre lengths

In the evolution of the shearing process, SafanDarley is also a leader with its innovative technology. The SafanDarley M-Shear is unique because their innovative hybrid drives: a superior combination of hydraulics and electronics.

The system of hybrid shear drive is very energy efficient and low-noise, and uses only a fraction of the usual amount of oil. Maximum efficiency in sheet metal shearing Automatic cutting-angle setting, torsion-free cutting of narrow strips and scrap separation are other important advantages. Combined with the Return-to-Sender function, maximum efficiency in sheet metal shearing is achieved.

Low-noise and low-energy

The servo-electronic motor powering the hybrid drive only runs when the cutting beam is in motion. This yields two advantages in a single stroke: you save a great deal of energy and the cutting cycle produces low noise levels. Since its introduction, the hybrid drive system has amply demonstrated its flexibility and reliability.


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