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A cut above the rest

SafanDarley makes the premier shear in the market. Our hybrid drive system provides a very precise device with a significant reduction in energy costs.

The M in the M-Shear stands for multifunctional. The advanced hybrid drive system consists of servo electronic motors and a hydraulic pump which produces a remarkably quiet machine that is very energy efficient. This machine is designed with some extremely valuable features such as:

  • Programmable start and stop position of the knife bar
  • Automatic X-axis compensation when adjusting the cutting gap
  • Automatic correction of the stroke length of the knife bar when adjusting cutting angle

Energy saving hybrid drive

Low CO2 emissions

Low noise

User friendly touch screen control

Return-to-Sender sheet support

Torsion free cutting of small strips

Scrap separation

Fully automatic adjustment of cutting angle and clearance

Key Features

Technical Data

Model 125-4 205-6 310-6 610-6 430-8 310-10 610-10 310-16 430 - 16
Cutting capacity (Mild steel)3/16”1/4”1/4”1/4”5/16”3/8”3/8”3/8”5/8”
Cutting length in inches (ft)49 (4)81 (6.5)122 (10)240 (20)169 (14)122 (10)240 (20)122 (10)169 (14)
Main motor power in kW11111115151518.53030
No. of strokes/min
(full cutting length stroke)
No. of strokes/min
(min. cutting length stroke)
Cutting angle 0.5°-max (°)2221.51.52233
Backgauge reach in inches39.339.339.339.339.339.339.349.249.2
Backguage speed in inches/min472472472472472472472295295
No. of hold-down pads101420362620362026
Machine weight in lb8819926013669414473196721605617302755847400

Standard equipment

Touch Screen control on movable control arm

CNC-controlled back gauge

CNC-controlled clearance and cutting-angle adjustment

Automatic retraction of the back gauge for narrow strip widths

Programmable start/stop position for the entire length of the cutting beam

Blades with 4 cutting edges

Cutting line lighting with cutting line indication

2 adjustable support arms

2 squaring guides, on the right and left side of the table

T-slots and hand-slots spread across the width of the table

Finger guard

Options and Product Enhancements

Corner Guide

Adjustable corner guide in grades, 4 90° quadrants

Support Arms

Extended support arms and optional Stops for the support arms

Safety Systems

Folding finger guardFinger guard across the entire working length
Light screen safetyLight screen safety or folding finger guard


Scratch-free table coverFor easy transposition of materials and scratch arms
Ball casters in the tableFor easy transposition of materials and scratch arms

Materials Holding

Pneumatic installation for holding plates upThe pneumatic installation for holding plates up supports the plate to be cut at the back of the shears, making it easy to position it against the back gauge.
Fingers for holding plates up in back gauge beamFingers for holding plates up in back gauge beam
Return To Sender functionEnables you to get more out of your shears, and to cut in a ergonomically responsible way


Scrap removal cart with our without folding bottom for small products and scrap
Scrap sorter (with/without sorting valve)for small products and scrap

Back gauge

Extended back gauge reach Entering the cutting size
Pneumatic folding back gaugeEntering the cutting size

Plate removal

Plate removal with stacker Support and guidance of the materials to be cut
Plate removal without stackerSupport and guidance of the materials to be cut


Automated Solutions Cell-Control is SafanDarley’s software platform for the automated cell. ASC-Control is a very user-friendly and flexible management platform that was born out of the need to allow even employees with little experience to operate automated machines. Fully developed and supported by our in-house software team. The modular structure of the software makes it easy to implement customer-specific requirements and adapt the layout of the cell.

The ASC-Control constantly communicates with the robot and press brake to monitor the status of the entire cell. It tracks every item in the cell and knows exactly where it is located.

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